Quotation of the Day

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Traffic Court

So in February or thereabouts my daughter gets stopped in a car inspection road stop. Guess what, her inspection is expired. It's in the teeny tiny town we live in and she still gets a ticket. So we go that very day to have it inspected, there is something wrong with it, I believe it was a faulty Johnson Rod, they fix it (for $200 something dollars) and the inspection is up to date. Very next day.

She pleads not guilty and sends the ticket in, so she has a chance to explain and have her day in court, so to speak. I may start going to traffic court every Tuesday because it was some of the best entertainment I've had in a dog's age. 

We are awaiting her turn to speak with a police officer to do some "negotiating" before she appears before the judge. Everyone has a turn to do this, and there are two women ahead of her. I'm there for moral support. We tune in mid conversation with woman #1: "But officer! I really don't consider that speeding!"  "Ma'am, I'm sorry, how can you think 37 miles over the speed limit is not speeding?" Woman #1: "I really don't see how you expect me to keep up with traffic! That's all I was doing!"  Cop: "Ma'am, you're not supposed to keep up with other people going 37 miles or more over the speed limit, because guess what, we're going to get them too." With this she is crying, dabbing her eyes with a tissue. The cop, wisely says, "Ma'am I'm going to give you the best free advice you're going to get all day, and that is when you are before the judge, please don't tell her you were not speeding."

Woman #2 gets her turn. She was ticketed for going through a red light. She tries to talk her way out of it, and in an interesting turn, plays the race card. "Officer, I was only ticketed because I am Asian!" "Now Ma'am that's just not true and you know it, let's not go there."

My daughter gets her turn to have a consultation, she has her supporting paperwork and the cop offers three months probation (provided the judge agrees). If she has no other infractions in that time, it's history. The judge notices me there, and says, Mom, you can stand with her for moral support. I tell her, "she's fine." (Yes, all this over a barely expired inspection). The judge agrees with the cop's recommendation, she is reprimanded to pay attention and to honor the judge's wish to not be in traffic court again.

Say what you will about the police, but the one that day had the patience of a saint if you ask me.