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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Have They No Dignity (Or Shame)?

People behaving badly recently. Serena Williams put on quite a show at the open, walloping her tennis racquet against the court and unleashing a profanity laced tirade to the line judge. I know, I know, she's an athlete, she's competitive, she wants to win. Unacceptable, period. I tell you what though, I wouldn't want her to be pissed at me, she looks like she could kick some serious ass. I am uncomfortable with confrontation, which is sort of funny being I'm a real estate broker. I am competitive in that arena and have a bit of an alternate personality that kicks in business wise. In fact, there are other real estate brokers who would prefer not to mess with me too much business wise. I don't throw fits or tirades though.

Then we have Madonna, who gave a "tribute" to Michael Jackson at the Video Music Awards recently. What should have been about Michael Jackson turned out to be all about Madonna. Go figure, huh?

And the current ass of the week has to be Kanye West, who interrupted Taylor Swift as she was attempting to give her thanks and accept the award she had just won at the VMA's. He felt it necessary to grab the microphone from her and give props to Beyonce. I think Beyonce is great, I'm a fan, and so are lots of other people because she went on to win an even bigger award later in the evening. She graciously brought Taylor back on stage, but the moment was gone for her.

I think the commonality in all this is when you behave badly, it only reflects on you. I like my idea having an ass of the week. And I'm glad Serena Williams won't read this. She'd make me cry.


  1. I second that! Where is the civility? Do think the best description of Mr. West was 'Jackass'.

  2. Good one!

    I nominate Tiger as Ass of the Week, or Year ... maybe make that Decade ... come to think of it .. perhaps he should get the Lifetime Achievement award?

  3. Bev- yes, a Lifetime Achievement award in being an ass to Tiger. Are you effing kidding me? He is literally married to a Swedish swimsuit model, to borrow a line from my brother (who by the way, thinks Sara Palin is hot, he's a licensed fishing guide, he saw a picture of her in waders and it did him in...lol)