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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Last Rose Of Summer

Well, really, we are at the tail end of summer. Not that we HAD much of a summer, what with the first part monsoon like and cold. But these days....ahhhhh...I love this weather. Chilly in the evenings into morning, glorious to sleep with the windows open, no humidity. I approve. I can feel and smell fall coming. I keep wondering how long my hummingbirds will hang around. We've got a mess of them that visit the feeders out on the deck, but they migrate and won't be back til the spring. We've never had as many as we have this summer, and I have spent many a late afternoon/early evening out there, watching their antics and practicing my ukulele playing. One aspect I do not like about this time of year at all is the abundance of yellow jackets. They are very aggressive and will not leave your food or drink alone if you dare to enjoy them outside. At least here, in my neck of the woods. I've been stung by them many times, the worst was when one hit the collar of my shirt and ricocheted inside, stinging me more than 15 times trying to get out. I was at a fall cookout, and I wanted to rip my shirt off, but delicate flower that I am, I let it sting me rather than do that. I was hopping around, flailing at my shirt, and once people realized what was going on, one of the practical women in the group looked at me, said, "Where is it? Point." I pointed, she smacked me a good one and killed it. You ought not to kill them though on general principle, because they release some hormone/pheromone business that tells its hornet mates there is trouble nearby, and they come to see what the fuss is about, and you don't want that on your hands (or down your shirt). No Sirree, I speak of which I know. Bumble bees and some other bees have one sting, then they die. Yellow Jackets keep going. Nasty bastards.

This summer has not been so fabulous for gardens here either. We lost several plants to out and out drowning early on, and our tomato plants are spindly and sad looking. They have some tomatoes on them, but they're not yet ripe. I don't eat tomatoes, so really, makes no diff to me. I'm ready to retire the flowered wreaths on my front door and hang my fall ones, order some firewood, put some mums around and welcome the fall. There's always next summer.


  1. First-- delicate flower. I would have put money on you throwing your shirt off. big money!! I have known you to jump out of a car because of a bee. (or was it a spider?)

    I like the windows open and the cool night air coming in. We are getting close to that here.

  2. Janet- Either of those would send me fleeing from a car! If I'm ever in an unexplained accident, you know what happened!