Quotation of the Day

Friday, September 4, 2009


I was thinking about the seven things people generally don't know about me, and I have come to realize just how quirky I am. How about this: I have two dogs, one is a 90 pound labrador retriever whose main job is to shed hair all over the house, and in particular, my wool, oriental rug in the living room. I also have two long haired cats who do not go outside (except on a leash on my deck, which is another story altogether). One is a purebred persian in full coat. I vacuum several times a week and I love my Electrolux Oxygen vacuum. However, when I get out of the shower, I go OUTSIDE to comb and detangle my wet hair, so I don't get any hair in the house. I do this all year, except on the coldest/snowiest days. Go figure....


  1. That is it! My two goldens main purpose is shed hair all over the house too. Good thing their other purpose makes up for it-lots of love. You just can't be mad at them at all. Ha! And you go outside to comb your hair. That is just too too funny and most ironic. That's how life is sometimes.

    Thanks for your kind words on my slow down blog post. Very much appreciated! Most folks seem to blog for the pictures and don't pay much attention to the info or writing and you are the first to mention my writing. Informal at best but it works for me. Thanks again and hugs to you.

  2. Hey baby! You go outside to comb your hair cuz it is way longer than Winston's or any of the other four legged sweeties in your house! (that and you are looking for bear)

  3. Tina- brave girl, TWO big shedders. Tucker, my lab is a love, the retrievers sure are wonderful creatures to have in your life, the shedding is a small price to pay for their happy loving dispositions. And you're a great writer! You've got a great presence with your words.

    Janet- all true! lol....

  4. Oh how I relate to "main job is to shed hair all over the house" ... our Aussie lists this on top of his resume too. During school semesters I swear it seems as though I am hip deep in dog hair and could spin myself a puppy if I only had a spinning wheel! Two short-haired cats do their level best to add to the hair quilt also.

  5. lol Bev! Spin yourself a puppy. (and somehow, I would not be one bit surprised if you managed it!)